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  • Is there a cost to have someone look at my car? For most problems the answer is yes. In order for us to evaluate your problem or concern, one of our Technicians will need to spend some time on your vehicle in order for us to give you a complete diagnosis. The charge would be based on the time spent. Depending on the problem, our Service Writer will give you an estimate before we start any repairs.
  • Can I have my car back the same day? If your car is scheduled for a general service or maintenance, then yes in most all cases. If your car comes in with an un-diagnosed problem then your car may have a lay over. We will always try very hard to give you same day service, but some repairs are out of our hands when it comes to parts availability and sometimes the scope of repairs.
  • Can I supply you with my own parts? You can. But you should know that there are risks in doing so. We are unable to supply you with a warranty on the work if you supply your own part. If the parts fail, you would be charged to do the job again. Also, you may feel you are saving money by buying a less expensive part, but when that part goes bad, there is no savings. We have a good working relationship with our parts suppliers and through the years of experiences know which parts are good quality and which ones are not, so by allowing us to supply the parts ensures you are getting a good part at a fair price and with a warranty.
  • Can I pick my car up after you are closed? Yes. We can arrange payment by phone as long as you have the needed information to process a credit card over the phone. We then will be able to secure the keys and a copy of the repair order in your car for you.
  • Do you perform oil changes? Yes. We perform all of your needed services along with all fluid services. When you have us service your engine oil and filter, you will benefit greatly by having a highly trained technician looking your car over for concerns and needed repairs. Most all oil change shops are much faster, but are not trained in catching problems with your vehicle.
  • Do you recycle? Yes. All used oils are recycled along with antifreeze. All metal parts are recycled. All cardboard and paper products are recycled. We also recycle all oil and fuel filters.
  • Can I wait for the work to be done on my automobile? Yes, we have a comfortable seating area in our front shop and have updated magazines, complementary popcorn and a soda machine while you wait. Most services can take some time, so it is usually best to try and leave the car with us. But if your service is a smaller job and you plan to wait, just let our Service Writer know when you make the appointment.
  • Can you install used parts in my car? Yes, we can but in most all cases we would not advise this. It would be a gamble to do so and there would be no warranty. There are exceptions where we may be able to advise you on the possible choice of using a quality used part and we would let you know that is an option.
  • Can I drop my car off when you are closed? Yes, you can. We understand vehicles do not break down only when we are open. Click here to be taken to our page where you can download our night drop form and the instructions on how to leave your vehicle with us after hours.
  • Can I pick my car up after you are closed? Yes. We can arrange payment by phone as long as you have the needed information to process a credit card over the phone. We will then secure the keys and a copy of the repair order in your car for you.
  • Do you work with aftermarket warranty companies? Yes, we do. We will read your policy over and advise you of the procedures. We will contact the company to get authorization and payment information. We know you have enough to worry about with your vehicle problems, you don’t need to deal with any more stress.
  • Can you perform the required maintenance my auto manufacturer wants done to keep my warranty valid? Yes, we can. You do not have to return to dealer and pay the high prices to have quality service done to your vehicle. A quality independent repair shop can perform all of the needed service and keep your vehicle in good standing with your warranty. In fact during the service of your car, we can advise you of any problems we may see that would be covered under your warranty and advise you on how to proceed with getting them repaired.
  • Do you keep records of the repairs done on my car? Yes, we do. All of the work performed on all of your vehicles is kept in our computer base. None of the information is sold or given to any outside source. Your information is important and we respect that and will not let it go anywhere.
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